Postpartum Doula Package

Postpartum Doula Package

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Postpartum Doula’s are able to tackle a host of task. I like to refer to myself as a “Holistic” Postpartum Doula as I am diligent in cultivating a level of self-care for new parents to ensure they are able to give the best care to their new infant. I truly believe in caring for and nurturing the mother’s  mind, body and soul. My goal for postpartum support is to aid in overall recovery through providing herbs for bathing, herbal infused oils for body treatments, herbal tea blends for nourishment and recovery, light nutritious meal prep, emotional support as well as resources for any and all concerns new parent may develops.

Although I am thrilled to help in areas of caring for older siblings and light house work m absolute hope is that I am able to support your healing in a way that best suits you as well as allows for you to feel encouraged and prepared for the journey ahead.

In this package you will receive:

(4) Home 4hr Visits (16hrs in total) *Visits can be spanned out over a weeks time or (1) day per week for (1) month.

Lactation Support

Self-Care & Infant Care Support

(2) Herbal Baths - First & Last Visits

Light Meal Prep / Light Clean up

Family Schedule Assistance

Virtual Support for (2) weeks after final visit.

*Please email me at: for additional questions or concerns. *If you have booked me as a PP Doula and would like me to attend your birth as a Birth Doula I am willing to offer that service for an additional $275.00.